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Rent and Utility



  • The primary purpose for providing financial assistance is to prevent homelessness and loss of basic utilities for the most vulnerable persons

  • Individuals applying for this assistance must be an established resident of Ellis County, KS, meaning the deposits and first 2 month's rent or bill is paid in full

  • Individuals applying for this assistance must be experiencing a crisis situation in their household, this could be related to medical, employment, sudden disruption of family, death, or other type crisis

  • Assistance can only be provided if there is an eviction or late notice issued

  • Amounts awarded are limited and usually are not sufficient to cover the full amount of rent or utility bill--First Call for Help will assist in identifying and/or suggesting other resources that may be available 

  • Assistance with utility bills is reserved for families with children/youth, elderly, and/or those with medical issues/equipment

  • First Call for Help will require various documents to determine identity, crisis and need in order to use funds in the most appropriate and responsible way

  • Initial screening is done by phone and appointments are determined based on screening to determine eligibility

  • Depending on availability, appointments are usually scheduled within 24 to 48 hours of screening

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