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First Step Building Campaign

The ache for home lives in all of us. Maya Angelou

The First Step Building Campaign is a capital campaign to raise needed funds for renovation to provide temporary housing and supportive services. Why does Hays need this type of housing?


 FCFH assists 90-100 households to prevent homelessness each year. This assistance impacts up to 250 individuals including 100 children and/or youth. There were an additional 51 Households in need of housing who were referred to federal housing waiting lists or to shelters 90 miles away.

  • The Hays Housing Authority reports a current waiting list for public housing assistance for 80+ households with a wait time of 12 to 24 months.

  • Surveys conducted in Hays over the past 3 years report 5-21 individuals are homeless & 70+ are at great risk of homelessness.

  • USD 489 reports show 20-40 students are living in doubled up situations due to housing issues. 

First Step Housing will have 4 bedrooms with a private bathroom in each and will offer temporary housing for 8-12 individuals or families for up to 6 months. This is not an emergency homeless shelter. Our participants will be working toward housing goals, saving money and learning in the area of budgets, renting and many other topics. Each participant's plan is individualized according to their needs.

Will this housing solve the problem, probably not. We need to keep going! Once $250,000 is raised and the project is complete, we will continue to raise an additional $250,000 for future expansion.

YOU can be a part of this by helping us to fund raise or by making

your donation today! 


From February 1 to June 30 the Schmidt Foundation will match donations up to $50,000!!!

                 $$DOUBLE                     DOLLARS$$